New Damage Remedy Split End Repair

We have had a new product hitting our shelves this week! New Damage Remedy Split End Repair has an innovative new formula which works to instantly draw and bind frayed ends back t...
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The Wonderlab is fully staffed

Have you seen a few new faces on your visits to The Wonderlab recently?We have made a number of staff appointments this year meaning that for the first time in our history we are f...
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Chorleywood Scarecrow Trail

Did anyone notice a few odd looking visitors in Chorleywood village at the weekend? We took part in Chorleywood’s first Scarecrow Trail, for which profits were¬†donated to Hu...
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The Wonderlab Unveils New Expansion

Following our short closure in August, The Wonderlab is now back in full swing with a larger open plan salon featuring more stylists stations and backwashes. The new look has been ...
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