Want Thicker, Fuller looking Hair?

invati brush

Brushing your hair should be a pleasure, not a battle. If you’re seeing more hair in your brush, now’s the time to start using Invati Advanced™!  Your hair and your brush will thank you, all because of a powerful and potent blend that includes certified organic turmeric, ginseng and amla to instantly thicken and strengthen hair.

Or are you a new mum experiencing post partum hairloss?  Aveda’s Invati Advanced™ Scalp Revitalizer helps to support your hair’s natural keratin. The invigorating formula features tangerine peel and Japanese knotweed to help reduce hairloss.

Or do you simply want thicker hair?  Sure, you can style naturally thin hair to look fuller, but wouldn’t you rather thicken the look of every strand? You can with Invati.  Plus it strengthens hair to help reduce hair loss due to breakage*.

*80% of 105 women reported they experienced less hair breakage after 8 weeks of using the complete Invati Advanced™ system

You can now find Aveda’s Invati Advanced™ 3 – step system, worth £114, in our salon for £52 only*!